Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Save the Whale

'Mazing! (as Jackie Chan would say) how people would feel consciencious about things they can do absolutely nothing about, somethings like, 'Save the Southern Wale' or global warming that very few individuals even have a clue about. There are those wealthy individuals who would even contribute to causes that sound worthwhile for the planet, such as O3 solutions to the O-zone and the world raises billions to do aids research.
When we prayed for a prostitute who had aids and three physicians confirmed that she was cured, we wrote a letter to The Cape Times to say, God can do something about aids, for free! The letter was replied to on the front page the following day! In fact we were on the street posters on every light pole in the city streets: 'pastor gives false hope to aids victim!' Unbelievable but absolutely true.
The world would much rather believe the lie and keep on spending global fortunes to preserve the lie than to believe the truth that is gratis.
This was the case with Jesus. When he died and rose again, the soldiers were embarrassed because two angels broke the seal and rolled away the stone that was on the grave and they could do sweet blow all about it. When they reported this to their superiors and to the chief priests, the religious leaders concocted and paid for a lie that is still spread among Jews and other unbelievers, even to this day! They paid the soldiers a handsome sum of money to go and tell everyone that Jesus' disciples came at night and stole his body away while he slept, implying that he never really died. They also promised to protect this lie and if anyone told the governor about the soldier's bribe they would appease him. This is commonly reported among the Jews until this day!
How sad that money can preserve a lie! How sad that people prefer to believe the lie!
You see it everywhere, in schools, in business, in churches, in sport, in music competitions, in tournaments, in award ceremonies...there are associations and secret societies that preserve the lies they believe in and they make sure that there are 'soldiers' who would be prepared to spread their lies for a large sum of money.
How about this: a young man told me about a new job that he had taken up, how the previous guy was given a large sum of money to 'take the rap' on behalf of the top directors in order to protect them from public disgrace and so that the company could continue after a giant scam was exposed that could have ruined them. The man gladly retired after being singled out as the only person responsible for the corruption and lived happily ever after! Now it is the young man's job to clean up the mess.
These people exchange the truth of God for the lie and worship adn serve the creature rather than the Creator who is blessed forever. They do not like to retain God in their knowledge. Therefore God has given them over to a debvased mind to do those things which are not fitting being filled with all unrighteousness...undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving and unmerciful. Those who practice such things are deserving of death but also those who approve of those who practice these evil deeds.
Come with me to some places I go to and do missionary work, at the airport or in the street, and you will see how bribery and corruption has become an acceptable life style. No wonder the judgment of God is upon the nations of the world today.
As we learn to judge ourselves, we would do well, to judge ourselves according to the written word of God, The Bible, and I am sure as we reform the world around us will reform as well. That is a start to changing the least!

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