Friday, 18 September 2009


9/11 Remembered…
By Andre Pelser
(Based on some notes I made in my dairy taken from the Washington Trade Post)

Hundreds of small fires were burning everywhere…
Rescue workers were walking knee-deep in the ashes of the Hellscape…
The global prestige, the wealth towers crumbled to the ground and buried thousands of people near a fountain where the inscription read, ‘The Triumph of the Human Spirit’.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the world turned black. Human shock caused people to jump from the skyscrapers, desperate beyond comprehension, 100 storeys high. The voice of a little girl rang out among the cacophony of other sounds, ‘Look Mommy!’ as she pointed to the figures plunging downward.

The sky scrapers served as chimneys as the floors collapsed. They resembled smouldering cigarettes from the Long Island Express Way. Most of the highly compensated labourers in the world worked in those towers.

Jet-A standard aviation fuel produces 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The explosion of the Jet Planes, at impact, caused the excessive heat to melt the metal, brick and glass…the heat was too unbearable for anyone to survive.

Dave Wilkerson prophesied it would happen…ten years ago. He said the bodies of people would evaporate…no one believed him and called him a false prophet of doom. He said the wickedness of drug addicted traders who play with the fortunes of others will be judged severely. He said New York will be shocked. He said the Trade Towers would be removed…

A mile away people sat idle in parks, drinking Salvation Army grape juice…
A few hundred yards away the children’s play ground stood untouched near the river terrace. Daisies grew tall in bright sunlight and the hippopotamus statues had no dust on them at all. Song birds chirped in the bushes.

A commodities trader that saw how the second jet struck Tower Two ran to his computer to buy gold shares. He watched the price shoot up to $280 an ounce! Minutes later the exchange shut down. Business and Trade had come to a sudden halt. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, erected in 1973 no longer existed….Babylon had fallen…businessmen cried because no one could do business there anymore.

In a movie theatre across the street from the World Trade Centre, the film ‘Ghost World’ was still being screened.

I turned 50 on that fateful day and cried most of the afternoon and evening…because
I was there in 1973 when these buildings were erected…I was there in New York, living in an apartment in 89th Street East, with my Puerto Rican friend, Victor Ferrer, who gave me his leather Bible cover for my Thomson’s Chain Reference Bible. His Mom thought she looked like Marilyn Monroe with her blond dyed hair.

I visited the United Nations building, the Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty and have some pics to prove it! We climbed up and up in Lady Liberty’ s stairs right up to her crown from where we viewed New York from a completely different angle. We went up into the Empire State building. But the Twin Trade Towers were an enigma to us: why build such tall towers?

JFK said, ‘people ask why go to the moon? I say, why not!’

When I look at my faded photo’s in my album, I wonder about a lot of things. I also wonder why 9/11 happened on my 50th birth day. What is the significance for me? Eleventh of September will never again be the same for me. Every year they remember those who died in that cowardly act of those Muslim militant extremists who high-jacked the American planes and flew them into the Trade Towers and other targets.

The world will never be the same after that – I knew that much. Things have changed, for ever! I wonder what actually changed in me.

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