Friday, 31 August 2007

Fast Pace Change

‘Six months ago we would not have believed it was possible to run a DIY computer course on your own computer, with our Head Quarters in America and our software technology in Cape Town!’ One of our IT guru’s confessed to me at our BAND OF BROTHERS monthly meeting at Harvester Reformational Church.

It seems that all things have become possible in the IT business – anything goes! Cell phones are so advanced that they might soon replace laptops or perhaps there is something else being designed as I am writing that will make cell phones completely obsolete within two years! Wireless communication has taken on an ID of its own!

Changes are coming so fast at us that it is hard to keep up! It is like travelling through space: there is so much to discover but we are going to fast!

In the old days we used to speak of ships passing at night – the romantic notion of two slow moving objects with dim lit decks filled with lonely passengers all hoping to find their wealth or happiness in another country, another place.

But today everything has been speeding up – fast and furiously!

When teenagers watch a movie, they remark: ‘it’s so slow…it takes forever to get going!’ So the Bourne Identity trilogy with its neck breaking speed and hand held camera shots capture the attention of the youth because the pace never lets down and the editing is in touch with the modern stressful lifestyle of constantly being bombarded with images and info and having to make quick decisions all the time until there is a blow up or a collapse!

Everything in our age has to be a convenience before people purchase the product! Tokyo’s brand Uniqlo has brought fashion retailing into the age of the convenience store.. It sells nothing but T shirts packed into clear plastic tubes and stacked like so many cans of soda. The store is named UT – and nothing costs more than $12!

The concept of an Internet Café is already outdated! Some people have never even used one! Today the Geek Terminal Restaurant in Singapore you get a laptop to use with a battery charger and any power device you require and power supply sockets are within easy reach of every customer. Wall mounted flat screens display websites and banner ads and anything you see you can buy because the restaurant doubles as a sales agent for Apple and TV makers in Malaysia. Oh, by the way, you can also order food in the restaurant! The next restaurant to open is in Kuala Lumpur and then Dubai and London. The mere provision of a wi-fi isn’t going to cut it any more! (Time, Aug 20, 2007)

Sweden now has one sauna for every five people in Helsinki, Finland! Sauna Bars, Sauna Laundry Café’s, restaurants such as Eatz, and Baker’s night club offers private lounges for 8 people all require reservations at $28 a head for two hours. Even Bowling alleys have saunas in Helsinki!

Just look around you – see what changes fast – and see the pace of change in your neighbourhood as a sign of the times we are living in.

In this fast paced life of constant change…there is an anchor: our faith in an unchangeable God! When everything else changes, He remains the same!

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever! That is why we can anchor our hopes and our faith on Him. He is always the same! There is no shadow of change with Him. We are securely connected to Him. He doesn’t constantly demand more fees for higher upgrades. He has already paid the full price for a life long membership in His Household of Faith where there are constant supplies of everything we need for this life and for the life hereafter. Only a fool will say in his heart, there is no God!

Then again, living at Sunset Beach, Cape Town, I see the sunsets, every night, and I say to myself, (Sachmo), ‘what a wonderful world’ and I see the ships on the horizon at night passing each other with dim lit lanterns on their decks and yellow dots for cabin lights and I hear the sound of the fog horn in the distance and see the beam of light from Milnerton Lighthouse and the one from Mouillie Point and I think to myself, nothing has really changed much…

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Poverty to Prophet said...

In contrast to this I spend a good twenty minutes today watching a canal boat pass through several locks at a top speed of three miles per hour! I noticed that one person was doing most of the hard work whilst some with their summer best were sat idling. Reminded me of the church. How many of us are just in it for the ride and never bring a contribution.